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Defensive Driving Traning

Defensive Driving Traning

Vehicle Safety training classes help establish a safety culture in driving habits which individuals or employees themselves help promote proper safety procedures. An effective training program can reduce the number of injuries and deaths and also help in increasing the productivity of a company or an organization by helping in smoothing out the day to day operations of the workplace. Less accident less delays, more production and finally be an informed and pro-active driver.

Instructions and Information

  • Lessen car accidents and losses based accordingly
  • Lessen Vehicles Check-ups
  • Eco-Friendly Use of Petrol for vehicles
  • Teach Vehicle Care Basics

Reduce the occurrence if accidents

  • Reduce the cost of maintenance and fuel consumption
  • Knowledge on first-aid when an accident occurs
  • Avoid feelings of anger on the road and risks while driving
  • How to take better care for the vehicle
  • Interaction with the situation and traffic signals

Required documents for Defensive Driving Training- Dubai VISA only

  • UAE driving license and copy
  • 2 photos (white background)
  • Original Emirates ID with copy

Theoretical lectures

Number of lectures Subject
First lecture Identify the traffic signals and landlines, controls and commitments traffic.
Second lecture First Aid

Practical Training

Stages of practical training Subject
First stage Lessen car accidents and losses based accordingly.
Second stage Lessen Vehicles Check-ups Eco-Friendly Use of Petrol for vehicles.
Third stage Lessen stress on roads and well examination of risk.
Fifth stage Well reaction with accidents
Sixth stage Turn on well the vehicle during emergencies

Practical training timings

Days Times
Complete Training Day 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM